Jessica Brandon- Owner/Founder & Master Injector

Driven by a profound desire to make a difference in people’s lives, my journey has always gravitated towards the medical field. With nearly two decades of experience, my career has spanned various roles, each enriching my expertise and fueling my passion for healthcare. Starting as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I found my calling in providing compassionate care to the elderly in dementia care facilities. My path then led me to Boulder Community Hospital, where my fascination with anatomy was ignited, and where I became a Phlebotomist. This passion for anatomy and needles has been a guiding force throughout my career, shaping my approach to patient care and medical aesthetics.

Eager to expand my skill set and ensure the safety of my clients, I pursued and achieved certification as a licensed medical assistant and  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). This decision was driven by my commitment to providing the highest level of care and being prepared to act decisively in emergency situations. Becoming an EMT equipped me with a comprehensive skill set for emergency care, underscoring my dedication to patient safety and well-being. This pivotal phase in my career not only allowed me to specialize in delivering IV nutrients to chronically ill and cancer patients but also marked the beginning of my journey with injections. It was during this time that Dr. Emilia Ripoll and I started Great Alchemy, a venture that quickly blossomed into a 7-figure med spa. This experience offered me deep rewards and a profound sense of fulfillment, further fueling my passion for helping people through the art of medical aesthetics so I obtained my esthetician license from the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics and then got certified in dermal filler and neuromodulator injections with Empire Medical. I’ve completed hundreds of certification courses, including platelet-rich plasma injections, microneedling, laser certification, permanent makeup certification specializing in paramedical cosmetic tattooing, and 3D areola pigmentation. Recognized as a master injector and educator, I’ve become an industry leader and educator, mentoring hundreds of practitioners in the medical aesthetic industry. In 2020, I was honored as ESTY of the Year by ASCP, have written several articles for Skin Deep magazine, I became a SkinPen Ambassador in 2023, and am the owner and founder of the Modern Aesthetics Academy a program designed to cater to professionals in the medical, nursing, and aesthetic fields seeking to expand their skill sets, and business knowledge in the rapidly evolving sector of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine.

For over two decades, I managed a Urological Oncology Clinic, a Holistic Practice, and I have started and grown two 7-figure medical spas. Over the course of my career, I had the honor of collaborating and training with industry luminaries such as Dr. Emilia Ripoll, a board-certified urological oncologist renowned for her expertise; Dr. Charles Runels, the innovative mind behind the Vampire procedures; Dr. David Saadat, a world-renowned, triple board-certified facial plastic surgeon known for his pioneering techniques; Leslie Fletcher, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with a deep commitment to aesthetic excellence; and Dr. David Shafer, MD, FACS, a double board-certified, award-winning plastic surgeon based in New York City. Each of these experiences enriched my professional skill set and deepened my understanding of patient care, positioning me at the forefront of medical aesthetics and holistic health.

Anatomy is not just a field of study for me; it’s my passion, deeply intertwined with my life’s work. Beyond my clinical and educational endeavors, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to being a champion for small business, female entrepreneurs, and minority-owned businesses. This commitment extends into my advocacy work, aiming to uplift and support underrepresented voices within the industry and beyond. Medical aesthetics is more than just a profession to me—it’s a calling. It represents a blend of art and science, allowing me to enhance the well-being and confidence of my patients through innovative and compassionate care.

As the founder of the Modern Aesthetics Academy, my mission is to impart this passion and knowledge to the next generation of medical aesthetics professionals. The academy serves as a beacon of excellence in the field, offering comprehensive training in the latest aesthetic techniques and treatments, all while fostering a culture of safety, ethics, and continuous learning. My journey is a testament to the belief that with dedication, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, one can make a significant impact in the medical field and in the lives of those we serve.

Ray Brandon- Program Director

Ray A. Brandon brings over two decades of diverse medical experience to his role, starting from his service as a medic in the US Army to his tenure as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Throughout his career, Ray has demonstrated a keen interest in advancing patient care, particularly in the realm of IV Nutrition Therapy.

With a focus on nutritional health, Ray honed his expertise over 20 years, specializing in IV Nutrition Therapy. He underwent training under esteemed practitioners such as Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. Robert Rowen. However, it was during his nearly ten-year tenure under the mentorship of Dr. Emilia Ripoll, a renowned physician in the fields of IV Nutrition therapy, oxidative, and anti-aging medicine, that Ray further refined his skills and knowledge.

Passionate about addressing the nutritional deficiencies prevalent in modern lifestyles, Ray is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to each individual’s needs. He recognizes the challenges posed by environmental toxins and inflammation, which hinder optimal nutrient absorption from food and supplements alike. Through thorough consultation, Ray educates his clients on the benefits of IV Nutrition Therapy, ensuring they receive the nutrients essential for their well-being.

Ray’s expertise extends beyond IV Nutrition Therapy. He is also certified in PRP, Botox, and filler procedures, specializing in testosterone therapy, HGH, and blood letting for male hormone replacement therapy. Now serving as the Clinical Director for J Marie Skin Studio, Ray ensures patient safety for all medical and spa services.

His addition to the team enriches the studio’s offerings, as he spearheads their innovative IV Nutrition Therapy program. J Marie Skin Studio eagerly welcomes Ray’s expertise, further enhancing their commitment to providing elite services encompassing health, wellness, and beauty.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ray finds fulfillment in pursuing videography projects and exploring different corners of the world through travel.

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